Did you know that most students are no longer required to take even one music class
to graduate high school? And, that most songs of pioneering people: cowboys, soldiers, rivermen, lumbermen, town and country folk alike, have been removed from American
History textbooks - along with references to iconic images like - log cabins, steam boats,
and covered wagons?

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Legacy Keepers 501(c) (3) educational not-for-profit public charity Legacy Keepers was established in 2008 as Sutter Society/American Ballad Conservators, and since then over 20,000 students, teachers, friends and family members have participated in sing-along lessons at schools museums, historical reenactments, children’s hospitals, state fairs, and more— thanks to over $100,000 in donations from friends and business sponsors of this amazing project. Our new name “Legacy Keepers” was assumed in 2012 to better describe our mission.